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Costa Rica Location References 2024 - Spinmaster

Costa Rica Location References

Check map with specific locations here.

Bacardi Soundwaves
Panama & Costa Rica Location References

BR Summer Campaign - Location References Costa Rica



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Production Tools

Dolly Super Panther lll

Motorized dolly with position memory at the height of the column and battery power. It is high precision and easy control of electronic rise and fall.

  • Central column with a minimum
    height of 70 cm and maximum of
    140 em.
  • It has a” Z “or low rig to shoot at ground level or lower if conditions permit it.
  • It rises 70cm in 3.2 seconds and has a weight capacity of 250kg.


The essence of the Super Panther lll is its central column.

The sophisticated computer allows the 

Operator to program the speed of rise or fall and is able to memorize the positions for a quick adjustment between each shot.The width of its wheels can be adjusted to go through less wide spaces. The standard is 80em (31.3 inches) and the narrowest configuration is 52cm (20.5 inches). This adjustment can be made to shoot with or without tracks. Under normal conditions, batteries can make between 350 and 400 movements with a single charge.

ABC Crane 9MTS & Remote Head

The ABC Crane 120 is a lightweight under its category. With a specially engineered square tube it is extremely stable and easy to assemble. It’s modular system allows you to easily select lengths of 4.5m, 6m, 7.5m, or 9m.

Mounting the crane only takes 20 minutes by one

Transport dimensions with a length of 1.8m are very compact.

Max. height: 7.89m

Max. load: 25 kg

Weight: 60kg

Transport: 3 bags

The Pelé XL 35 remote head is super light and of extremely robust construction. It is quick and easy to mount due to a rational concept. It achieves very precise and powerful movements thanks to its programmable digital motors coupled with a precise and reliable joystick. The system is well tested in rough environments, and well known thanks to its use during the World Football Championships in 2002/2006 as well as the European Football Cham-pionship in 2008.

ABC Pelé XL 35 Remote Head
Max. load: 30kg

Weight: kg

Transport dimensions: 83em x 64em x 26cm

It includes:

  • ABC crane of 9mts
  • Pele remote head
  • Dolly base with column for crane+ crane tripod
  • Counterweights
  • Transportation (Jumper)
  • 1 driver
  • 1 Crane Operator


The Proaim Skateboard features a split carriage design that ensures smooth, friction-free turning on curved tracks. Its 32 wheels help maintain contact with the tracks even during turns. Custom 100% sealed bearings provide extremely smooth deck motion. These ball bearings have been designed to withstand heavy loads and perform incredibly well. The wheel carriages are articulated, adjusting quickly and easily to variations in track curvature for very precise and smooth platform movement. Proaim Skateboard is completely flexible and can work with all tracks with a center distance ranging from 22.5″ to 27″. Adjustment is completely tool-free and extremely fast.

Matthews Hood Mount Kit

Matthews car mounting systems allow for the construction of almost any type of car or motorcycle mount. These mounting systems are used in the television and film industry.The hood mount kit will work as a mount for the rear cover, roof, and wheel of almost any still, film, or video camera. Matthews Hood Mount Kit. CAT No 415166. Weight: 119 Ibs. The hood mount kit will also work as a mount for the rear deck, roof, and Wheels. Ideal for mounting all professional 35mm and 70mm cameras as well as lighting Units. Designed for professionals to last a lifetime. Made in Burbank, CA. Kit consists of: One low profile leveling head, One skid plate, Two workhorse clamps, Four standard screw jacks with large leveling pads, Four extended work jacks with large leveling pads, Five tie-down straps , Two baby rack clamps, Two junior rack clamps, four 90 degree clamps and two swivel clamps. Pipe not included.


Multipurpose Production Vehicle

Citrogn Jumper, the multi-purpose van for transporting camera equipment, accessories, dolly, art, props, wardrobe, craft or general production cargo

Includes driver.


  • 17m3 cargo.
  • Folding shelf system.
  • Rear retractable ramp.
  • Versatile.

100KW Silent Generator

Generator Olympian of 100kW, on an 5 ton JAC truck 500 meters of cable in 5 lines each 100 meters with camlock system. First 30 meters of cable in 4 zeros, 50 meters in 2 Zeros and remaining 20 meters in 1 zero.

Includes driver / operator.


  • The quietest on the market.
  • All plastic windows were replaced by metal ones to reduce noise and a hospital-grade silencer was installed. (reducing the noise between 35 and 42 db).
  • Its only used in commercial productions and events, avoiding load peaks that damage the equipment.
  • Very stable in its performance.
  • Regular maintenance of the truck and generator in their respective agencies.

Walkies Talkies

We offer 39 Walkie Talkies, 25 Motorola Pro5150

Elite and 15 Motorola DEP 450 digital two-way radio.
Outstanding quality, performance, durability and reliability
are exceptional two-way communication solution for your


  • Long range and small size.
  • 1P67 rated Motorola PRO Series Elite radios are dust tight and shock and drop resistant thanks to their rugged.


Programmed with 8 independent frequencies in case you need to separate departments. In addition to 5 digital frequencies in the DEP 450 model.


If you need to offer internet in your vehicles to clients, this is the solution. Includes a briefcase, router, 4G internet line, power inverter and power strip (Subject to reception of the internet signal, varies by area). 3 mobile Wi-Fi available for rent.


It allows access to the internet in remote places and in movement. Excellent to have it in your vehicles and your clients happy. Capacity for 8 users connected simultaneously.


  • DMX Channels: 1
  • Fluid Consumption: 80 ml / min
  • Tank Capacity: 1 gal (3.81)
  • Output: 25,000 cubic feet per minute.

(C) Amhaze Whisper Haze Machine:

1s an ideal haze machine for use in television studios and theatrical productions where discreet operation and rapid heat up time are key. The speed of the fan is controllable and the volume of hazeiis fully adjustable up to a maximum of 7,000 cfm.


  • Tank Capacity: 0.92 gal (3.5 1)
  • Fluid Consumption: 7 ml/minute
  • Heat-up Time: 30 sec
  • DMX Channels: 2


(A) 1480W Atmos Chauvet Professional Machine It is a powerful and versatile smoke machine for medium and large productions. lts fast reheat time provides a continuous output of low volume to create a subtle atmosphere, or intense effects on a large scale. Atmos can be controlled by DMX.

Includes one large fan per smoke machine


  • Power: 1480W
  • Fluid Consumption: 140 ml / min
  • DMX Channels: 2
  • Output: 40,000 cubic feet per min
  • Programmable output flow with time intervals and duration.


(B) Atmos Hurricane 1800 Flex. (2 units available)

Itis a powerful and versatile smoke machine for medium and large productions. Its fast reheat time provides a continuous output of low volume to create a subtle atmosphere, or intense effects on a large scale. Atmos can be controlled by DMX, or with the wired controller that can be placed at a distance of up to 60 meters (200 feet), by adding 5-pin DMX cables. Includes one fan per smoke machine.


The best multipurpose thermal fog. Designed for hard to reach areas. Ultra light and ultra micro sprayer. It works with Methane Gas fuel


  • Dimensions: 44 x 16 x 34 cm.
  • Tank Capacy! .5 lts.
  • Operating time: 2 hrs.




  • (A) 2 Honda Silent Generator 2kW. It is rented only for monitors, batteries and computer equipment 120V 13.3Amp / 12V 8Amp
  • (B) 1 Generator Silent 2kw Predator 110V
  • (C) 2 Generator Silent 3.5kw Predator 110V
  • (D) 1 Generador 5.25kW Ford 110v/ 220V
  • (E) 1 Generador 7kKW Powermate Honda 110V/ 220V 30Amp max.
  • (F) 1 Generador 12kW SUA 110V/ 220V


Gasoline Motor Blower
For cleaning parks, parking lots, terraces, gardens, etc.
Manual ignition (retractable rope)


  • ariable speed
  • Polyethylene tube and nozzle
  • Load harness included
  • Weight: 8.2 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1 liter
  • Tube / nozzle
  • Total length: 1.55m
  • Diameter: 7em
  • Work cycle:
  • 1 tank x
  • 10 min rest
  • Maximum daily: 6 hrs

Coat racks, easy to transport and handle


  • Light weight
  • High load capacity
  • 15 units available



Steam Iron & Cloth Racks. (3 units available)

Lightweight, easy-to-use steam iron that. produces a steady, constant flow of steam, ready to use in 30 seconds after turning on. Durable to withstand daily use or in any production. The steam does not require maintenance, just fill it with bottled water and use it!

It eliminates wrinkles in a great variety of articles: All kinds of clothes, upholstery, curtains, table clothes and sheets.


  • 1350 watts of power
  • On / off switch with light indicator
  • Automatic security shutdown
  • Container with 2.6L capacity easy to control
  • Hose 165 cm long with easy grip handle
  • Wheels for easy handling
  • Metal accessories
  • 3 units available


Two towers with firm steel structure, extendable from 4 to 6 meters high, with a bar of 3 outdoor lamps. Mercury vapor light 480 watts each in 220V. With a total of 140 watt of lighting. Ideal for outdoor events or any other type of activity.